Welcome to Kostas Mediterranean!

Kostas Mediterranean is a family-owned Greek restaurant located in North Vancouver. Our passion for bringing the authentic flavors of Greece to the local community has been the driving force behind our establishment. We take pride in offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere where guests can experience the true essence of Greek hospitality. Our journey began with Kostas, whose culinary skills and love for Greek cuisine inspired the creation of the restaurant. With a desire to share his family recipes and traditions, Kostas set out to create a dining experience that captures the spirit of Greece. The result is a menu that showcases a delightful blend of traditional and modern Greek dishes prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients.

At Kostas Mediterranean, we believe in food’s power to unite people. Whether you’re joining us for a casual lunch, a family dinner, or a special celebration, our goal is to provide a memorable and flavorful experience. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the kitchen as we strive to deliver exceptional service and genuine hospitality to every guest.

In addition to our delectable cuisine, our restaurant reflects the beauty of Greek culture through its inviting decor and ambiance. From the vibrant colors to the inviting aromas, every aspect of Kostas Mediterranean is designed to transport you to the enchanting streets of Greece.

We are grateful for the support of our loyal patrons, who have become an integral part of our extended family. Their enthusiasm for our food and unwavering encouragement have fueled our passion to innovate and continually continually elevate the dining experience at Kostas Mediterranean.

Our commitment to serving authentic Greek cuisine remains unwavering as we look to the future. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey as we continue to share the richness and warmth of Greek culture through our food, service, and hospitality. Thank you for being a part of the Kostas Mediterranean family.

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